Kickboxology will help you earn your continuing education credits and help you become a BAD ASS fitness kickboxing professional

5.0 CECs
0.60 CECs
2.5 CECs
.50 CECs
.50 CECs

Our Continuing Education personal trainer platform is a MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR virtual training and communication system, complete with hundreds of interactive video-based modules and other resources, all with the goal of earning your CE credits. Kickboxology will teach you how to better train your clients, showing them techniques to kick and punch, and in turn, help them reach their fitness goals, all while earning a great income as a trainer.

Kickboxology is brought to you by the same team that founded the largest kickbox fitness chain in the world.

It's like having a World Champion on your team 24/7!

  • Kicking techniques
  • Boxing skills
  • Stance fundamentals
  • Basics of kickboxing and boxing
  • Boxing and kickboxing combinations
  • Hand pad skills and drills
  • Holding the thai pads
  • Holding the kick shield
  • Teaching techniques
  • Hitting the heavy bag

Now you can unlock the secrets of 2 world champion kickboxers, over 50 years of martial arts and fitness experience, and the largest fitness kickboxing brand in the world!

Now, you can earn valuable continuing education credits, right from the comfort of your home! You’ll gain esteemed knowledge that will help you and your clients become a better trainer and coach. As a fitness professional, you understand the value of continuing your education, and 9Round has stepped up to help not only our trainers, but ANY trainer that helps others work toward their fitness goals. Kickboxology has the stamp of approval by the organizations below to help you receive your credits online, or, if you prefer an in-person learning environment, that option is available as well. We’ll see you in the training center!

"I loved all the information about proper form and stance. The videos are engaging and fun at the same time. It's informative and time efficient."

Jennifer Rivers

"I loved the details on proper form and why proper form matters."

Jeremy Schneider

"I love learning how to better my own performance but also how to teach someone! It's really hard to teach someone how to teach and this course makes it easy as pie!"

Lauren "LuLu" Cummings

"Easy to learn technique given in a well organized and understanding format."

Cheryl Torres

Kickboxology is designed to give professional trainers the knowledge, confidence, and ability to instruct the techniques of kickboxing and its benefits, either in a class format or a one-on-one setting. This course was developed by experts in both the kickboxing world and the exercise-science world to be a holistic way of teaching kickboxing for fitness. Because of its soup-to-nuts approach, Kickboxology provides endless value to the fitness professional.


Don't wait to get started kicking, punching, and delivering more as a personal trainer.